The purpose of this link is to provide information on how we at KMC comply with confidentiality and privacy obligations, meeting the requirements of the Australian Privacy Principles.

Our primary purpose for collecting your personal information is to help us provide comprehensive, coordinated and continuing whole person medical care for individuals, families and the community.
KMC recognises that the information we collect is often of a highly sensitive nature and as an organisation we have adopted the highest privacy compliance standards relevant to KMC to ensure personal information is kept secure.

Personal information collected will generally include:

  • The patient’s name, address, telephone number and Medicare number, concession number, emergency contacts and next of kin.
  • Ethnicity, allergies and other sensitivities
  • Past and Current medical history
  • Social history
  • Current drugs or treatments used by the patient
  • The name of any health service provider or medical specialist to whom the patient is referred, copies of any letters of referrals and copies of any reports back.

Your personal information may be disclosed for the following reasons:

  • Referring to other specialists, allied health workers or other health services including pathology, xray etc.
  • Billing purposes
  • As required under the compulsion of law
  • Where there is a serious or imminent threat to a patient’s life, health or safety.
  • A serious threat to public safety or public health
  • Other than the above reasons we will endeavour to ensure your records are not disclosed to any other persons.

Staff responsibility.

Practice Staff will take reasonable action to ensure patients understand:

  • What information has been and is being collected
  • Why the information is being collected
  • How the information will be used or disclosed
  • Why and when consent is necessary
  • The practice procedures for access and correction of information.
The practice will only interpret and apply a patient’s consent for the primary purpose for which it was provided. The practice staff must seek additional consent from the patient if the personal information collected may be used for any other purpose.
All our data is stored electronically and we make every effort to ensure the security of your private information. All our data is backed up daily and taken off site. Staff, nurses and GP’s have selected access to patient information and medical history.  We ensure passwords are secure and we have several levels of access to ensure your records are kept confidential.

Accessing your information, complaints and obtaining information:

  • If an individual wishes to complain about a Breach of Privacy; or
  • Access his or her own information held by us; or
  • Correct any information held by us concerning his or her own information; or
  • Find out more about how we deal with personal information
They can contact the privacy officer:
Practice Manager
Kincraig Medical Clinic
PO Box 597
Naracoorte SA 5271
08 8762 7700
If you wish to discuss this policy further please feel free to speak to your Doctor or staff at the practice.