Obstetric Services

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Please find below general information pack for your pregnancy.

Pregnancy can be both an exciting and stressful time, please take the time to read the following information. If you have any questions regarding this information now, or at any time during your pregnancy, please ask.

Our team of Obstetric Doctors includes Dr Tony Cohen, Dr Jeff Taylor, Dr Clare Garner and Dr Samuel Clements. Dr Tony Cohen provides epidural services.

It is recommended that patients will have at least one antenatal visit with each of the Obstetric Doctors throughout their pregnancy. If you have any concerns regarding this arrangement please feel free to discuss this with us at your first antenatal visit.

The first antenatal visit should take place as soon as possible before 10 weeks. This visit allows collection of health information, discussion and organisation of any required tests including screening tests that need to be performed between 10 and 13 weeks, also a general plan for your pregnancy will be made. The second visit will be around one month later and at this stage we will plan the remainder of antenatal visits for your pregnancy. In general the next visit will be at 20 weeks; then every four weeks until 28 weeks, fortnightly until 36 weeks then weekly. This is a generalisation only and individual visits will be tailored.

All follow up visits will be standard appointments apart from one at 36 weeks, which will be a double. The purpose of this longer visit will be to allow us to discuss things that may happen during labour and delivery. It is important to bring someone with you to the visits if possible, preferably the person who will be with you during labour.

It is recommended that you book into the Naracoorte Hospital after 20 weeks. Please take your orange book with you. Contact Naracoorte Health Service on 08 8762 8100 to book in.

Your privacy is important and at all times we will endeavour to protect it in accordance with the current legislation. In order to provide ongoing care some of your medical and personal details may need to be given to other health care providers.

Financial Information

Kincraig Medical Clinic has a pay on the day policy.

Fees are as follows:

 Rate Medicare Rebate Gap
Standard Rate   $102.00$41.70$60.30
Health Care Card Rate$81.90$41.70$40.20
Pension RateBulk Billed  

16590 – Is a once of medicare rebate for management of pregnancy that will be billed after 20 weeks. The gap remains the same.

Have you registered your bank account details with Medicare? Our staff will lodge your claim with Medicare and the refund will be transferred into your account within 24 hours, alternately you will receive a cheque within 4 weeks.

In March 2004 the government introduced a Medicare Safety Net. Once an individual, couple or family reach their safety net threshold in a calendar year, Medicare will then cover eighty per cent of their further out of pocket expenses. Examples of service which count towards the safety net include GP consultations, ultrasound, blood tests, pap smears, CT scans and x-rays. As of January 2006 the safety net was $1198.00 ($598.80 for Health Care Card holders).

It is possible that you will qualify for the Safety Net and is therefore important that you register. This can be done online at www.hic.gov.au/your health.

Estimated out of pocket expense for the average confinement at Naracoorte is $400 – $600.00.  The gap is important to maintain the viability of obstetric services in Naracoorte. The gap is due to the Medicare rebate not keeping up with CPI/AMA fees over the last 20 years.

*If you are experiencing financial difficulty please discuss this with your Doctor at the time of your appointment.*